FlightXML 3 - AirportBoards filter to exclude freight

I am interested in passenger flight information. I am new to terminology. I understand we could use airport_code and filter=airline to get all airline traffic for specific airport, however the airport I have been pulling data has lot of freight traffic (example: FDX).

  1. Is there a way to restrict response to passenger only flights
  2. If not is there a way to exclude certain airplanes using “airline:airlineCode” filter option, may be “airline-exclude:airlineCode”

My preference would be Option #1, so I can get most of my requests. I appreciate any guidance.

PS: I am new to this, so please ignore any bad terminology used.

Unfortunately there’s no method to include or exclude cargo flights as a filter type in the FlightXML. This is a possible future enhancement. At this time you’ll need to discard results from the cargo carrier idents you are not interested in.