Search airline/source/destination like in the website using API


I’d like to present search results like on the website using an airline, source airport, and destination airport. But when using the Search method of the FlightXML 2 API, it only returns airborne results (as the documentation says here). I imagine I’d have to use all of Arrived, EnRoute, and Scheduled in tandem, and then filter by origin and destination airports. But this seems a rather costly operation in terms of processing: three (or more?) requests, and then multiple filters. Is there a simpler way to achieve this?


FlightXML3 beta has a new “FindFlight” function that allows you to perform a search of origin-to-destination flights that are not necessarily enroute yet, including non-stop and one-stop flights.

As you point out, it’s not really possible to directly do the same behavior in FlightXML2 without a lot of iterative calls and attempting to combine the results together.