Flight search (Cities and date)


How can I search for a flight schedule using origin and destination parameters as cities and a date?



What are your city pairs?


Hi, yes, for example, how can I find a flight using Barcelona (Departure) and Munich (Arrival) and date?



Can anybody help me, please?



In FlightXML3, you can use FindFlight to locate flights based on origin/destination within +/- 1 day.

In FlightXML2, you can use SearchBirdseyeInFlight or Search to locate flights based on origin/destination, but mostly focuses on currently enroute flights.

For both, you can use the AirlineFlightSchedules function to search longer term airline flight plans, up to several months in the future.


Thanks for your time, and at the origin/destination… can I use city names for these?


Unfortunately, that functionality is not currently available through the API.