Cargo Flights showing up while using Airline Filter


It was my understanding that using the “Airline” filter for Arrived, Departed, Enroute, and Scheduled is supposed to only give you Airline passenger traffic, and not Cargo traffic?

Cargo flights keep showing up for KTVC, for instance today is is AMF1131 that is showing up.

Am I misunderstanding something?



Hi John,
There are some cargo flights for example Fedex and Ameriflight that are considered airline flights as they have specific schedules.
Unfortunately “airline” filter is not enough to ignore cargo, and there is no other filter to remove them form the results of the calls.



Thank you.

Again, back to the FIDS situation that several of us are in, if we are using this data to display Arrivals and Departures for passengers in Airports and Hotels, we do not want to display non-passenger flights.

Any future improvements that could be made to filter this out appropriately would be appreciated.

Thank you.