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Arrivals and Scheduled Flights filter="airline" doesn't filter out general aviation anymore


We are using the FlightXML2 API - PHP, and in the past few days I’ve noticed that our arrivals have been including the general aviation flights as well as the airlines, even though we are using the ( filter=airline ) parameter. Here is a snippet of the PHP code I am using, and it has worked for many months up until this week. I have not changed any code on my side, so I’m wondering if there was a change in the API functionality that caused the filter to break. We typically only have Delta flights, or one or two other commercial flights. Now the general aviation flights are displayed as well.

// Query BJI Airport Arrivals
$params = array("airport" => "KBJI",
    "howMany" => 6,
    "filter" => "airline",
    "offset" => 0);
$result = $client-> call("Arrived", $params);


The filter parameter appears to be operating normally. Using the same airport with filter options ga, or airline produces two different result sets. Not specifying a filter results in both sets combined.

Are their results you expect to see in ga but are showing up in airline (or vice versa)?


OK, I do see the difference when I choose the ‘ga’ vs ‘airline’. However, it appears that the flights from Bemidji Airlines (BMJ) which were previously filtered out must now be classified as ‘airline’ instead of ‘ga’. Can you see if that is the case in your data, or why they would have just started showing up in the past couple weeks? Here is an example of what I get with the ‘airline’ filter. (I do have the formatting of the data modified). The SKW/Delta flights should be the only commercial ones that are displayed with this filter. We also have Sun Country flights a couple times per month.

MSP SKW7371 11:47a 12:26p  Arrived
INL BMJ70   08:50a 09:29a  Arrived
MSP BMJ52   07:31a 08:33a  Arrived
MSP SKW7372 10:40p 11:24p  Estimated


This does appear to be the case. BMJ was recently marked for airline filtering, but this wasn’t consistent with our internal practices. I’ve flipped it back so it’s filter state aligns with other charter operators. This change should already be visible.


The new results are perfect and appear as they did before. Thank you!