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Arrivals and Scheduled Flights filter="airline" doesn't filter out general aviation


We are using the FlightXML2 API - PHP, and in the past few days our arrivals have been including the general aviation flights as well as the airlines, even though we are using the ( filter=airline ) parameter. Here is a snippet of the PHP code I am using. This also happened back in November, and it was resolved by FA staff. I have not changed any code on my side, so there may be a change in the API functionality that caused the filter to break. We typically only have Delta flights, or one or two other commercial flights. Now the general aviation flights are displayed as well.

// Query BJI Airport Arrivals
$params = array("airport" => "KBJI",
    "howMany" => 6,
    "filter" => "airline",
    "offset" => 0);
$result = $client-> call("Arrived", $params);

What happened last time was resolved by flagging the Bemidji Airlines (BMJ) flights as charter carriers, since it got flagged as an regular airline at some point.


This has been resolved.


Thank you. I appreciate it.