Flight XML2.Airline Flight Schedules Airline problem


I’m using Flight XML2.Airline Flight Schedules, passing both Airline that FlightNo but the result does not consider the filter ‘Airline’.

Can anyone tell me how to fix it?

thank very much


The ‘airline’ parameter is case sensitive, so using ‘Airline’ does not filter the results when calling the AirlineFlightSchedules function.

The other thing to consider is that codeshare flights are included in this result set, so you will have to check the value in ident against the value in ‘actual_ident’ if you want to filter out the codeshare flights (or just check the first 3 characters of ident against your desired fleet ICAO code).

Here’s a couple JSON examples (below) you can use to validate this from your browser (results limited to 45 records each using howMany parameter).

This first query filters properly (returns maximum 45 records):

This second query does not filter properly due to improper case on airline parameter (returns maximum 45 records)

I hope this example helps.

Best Regards,
Jason Cook


Grazie mille!!