Cargo 360,Inc.


Hello Folks,

Just a little e-mail here to note that I have located the 3 letter ICAO code for the new cargo carrier Cargo 360.A search on a different website has yielded the code of GGC and the callsign is “Longhaul”.

I had read an e-mail post from a friend of mine on asking for the 3 letter code.I usually try to go out of my way to assist him when I can,and also thought I would post this here as well.

The aircraft is N301JD B747-3B5(SCD) c/n 24194 ex KAL HL7470.



This got entered into our database as GCC and I just corrected it – the web site will reflect it by tomorrow.


FYI, their other two aircraft are N298JD and N299JD, both B747-2B5F purpose-built freighters.