Cargo 360


It appears the Cargo 360 flights are not recognized. Cargo 360 (GGC) is a choice on the enter airline name section, but if you put in the flight number of actual flights, it does not return. If you search by airport origin and destination, GGC does come up, but it says “unknown owner”.


Are you sure their code is GGC and not GCC?


The answer is right here on FA. :wink:

And unless they have changed it in the very recent past, it is GGC.


Yep, I’m sure its GGC


This got entered into our database as GCC and I just corrected it – the web site will reflect it by tomorrow.


Very nice. Thanks


Still not fixed. FYI.



Typo, sorry – it’ll take effect (really, this time) tomorrow.


Thats okay. Just keeping you on your toes. :smiley:

While your at it, add Flair Arilines (FLE) please.