Cannot get Receiver Range Plot


I’m a new participant in ADS-B. Been up and running a few days. Getting help from a buddy who’s been at it for many years. I cannot get the Receiver Range plots. On my web browser (FireFox, but get same result with Internet Explorer), when viewing my virtual radar (, when I go to the Menu/ screen I have the following tabs Options, English, Receiver, Shortcuts, Layout, and Reports. When I look at my buddy’s virtual radar (remotely from my house) I see he also has a Receiver Range tab between Receiver Range and Shortcuts. Further, on the Virtual Radar Server site, under Tools/Reset Receiver Range Plot I see Pi ADSB and Pi MLAT, but both are grayed out and cannot be selected. Not so for my buddy. We are both stumped (he’s pretty good and has already helped over many humps). Any help would be appreciated. I would like these plots to evaluate a new antenna setup. Thanks.

Problem solved. Buddy found answer on Virtual Radar Server forum. I had not specified the location of my receiver(s) on the Virtual Radar Server, and thus there was no reference point for it to draw the range plot. Specified the location and the Receiver Range tab showed up. Am now generating some plots. Takes a while as you need to have air traffic to pass through your selected altitude range.


So I also had to wrangle with this one a bit… the three things I learned are:

  1. you must have a location bound to the receiver. Tools->Options->Receiver Locations, create a location. Then Tools->Options->Receivers and assign that location to the receiver you’re using.
  2. If you’re exporting the server data off the local network, you’ll need to turn on “Internet users can see receiver range plots”, which is in Tools->Options->Web Server
  3. Make certain that you’re using the correct positive or negative sign for your coordinates… using a positive longitude location cost me the better part of a day… the software thought I was in Pakistan and not the USA.