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Lower Altitude Flights

Set up my device and so far with inside at the window ant I get 50 mile range up to 40k
however I don’t hear those incoming flights to local area. Is there a height that the reporting
is not reporting?


Could it be a line-of-sight issue? Hills, buildings and trees can block the signal. I didn’t see a range plot for your feed, and don’t know what it’s showing.

Thansk for the reply from the location of the antenna you can see the flights in and out bound. I did see some low alt. readings but no icon appeared.

On the range ring I looked at your page and see that you are talking about. How do I make that appear on my page.

Also from outside of my network can I view what I see from my receiver?


Low altitude aircraft missing … many planes don’t have full ADSB transmitters you probably see a fraction of the high planes but don’t realise it, but you do see it on the low ones because you know the plane is there.

To see it from the outside you need to set up a port forward rule on your internet firewall

Mine says anything that hits the router requesting data on port 40000 from anywhere gets redirected to the Pi internal network address on port 80

  • many don’t like these port forward rules since they open a chink in your armour.

Take a look at the comments in this thread:
ads-b-flight-tracking-f21/new-pi-setup-what-to-modify-t19588.html?hilit=config.js :smiley:

Thanks Guys My range ring started to show up somehow since last night.

Yea I see far amount of high alt planes just those lower ones i don’t see once I get teh ant moved around
to a outside roof location I hope to see more.

An antenna will help if it’s got line of sight to the aircraft. Depending on the antenna, I’ve watched aircraft coming in to land to about 50’ AGL at the airport 12NM away. I suspect if I got the antenna higher, I’d get lower flights further out.