Save receiver range plot as a KML file


I see lots of people comparing changes to their setups by using graph plots of various types. I see very few comparisons of range plots. I figure that this is mostly because it is hard to compare range plots. I wanted to fix this.

ADSB_range is a python script that connects to an ADSB receiver (basestation port). Every 5 minutes for 24 hours, it saves a range plot shape as a KML file. The benefit of KML files are that they can be imported into standard mapping programs such as Google Earth or google maps.

Try it out:

  1. Grab the python script files from:
  2. Run it by

python -a [ip address of adsb receiver]

at a minimum.
2a. More detail can be included such as a name for the saved file and a center location

python -a -p 30003 --lat 45.678 --lon -87.654 -n filteradded 


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