How do you create a coverage map?

As I am reading and trying to learn things with RPi, Linux, scripts, etc (which nothing seems straight forward), I see folks have generated a map of coverage from their ADS-B installation like the one attached. But I am confused on exactly how this is being done. Hoping folks can point in the right direction with some steps to follow??

My setup is simply a RPi3, FA dongle and antenna. I access the RPi via SSL or remote desktop control from a Windows 10 machine.

virtualradar, for example

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I use Virtual Radar Server and/or ModeSmixer.
both application create a so called ‘polar plot’ or ‘max range plot’ by connecting
dots 1° or 10° apart. The dots being the furthest away aircraft received
by the user’s receiver.


Well I got virtual radar server installed, configured receivers and location based on my reading. It has been sitting here for a couple of hours now and still no plots. Also, checked the option under web server to allow internet users to see receiver range plots. So I must be missing something as I am not getting range plots.

ok my setup as follows
dongle → rpi → dump1090-mutability beast 30005 on ip
vrs on pc : tools → options → receiver → port 30005
vrs map on browser → click menu → receiver → receiver range → receiver → all altitudes and after a while it will draw the plot.
however if you dont see any traffic it means there is connection problem and therefore no plot.


VRS Settings, Step by Step Method


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great tutorial abcd as always :smile: HNY


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Thank you for those steps.

I see I missed one important part in the receiver locations setup. I set my receiver location but noticed I did not choose a location after I added the receiver, port, ip, etc. So, I wasn’t getting the receiver range menu but now I am.

One last clarifying question. From the RPi, which port do I need to add? Just 30005, what about 30002 and 30003? When I add all those ports, I have messages/data coming on all 3 from my RPi. As I found, these were the outbound ports. So do I need all of them or just one?

30002 - Outbound - RAW Format
30003 - Outbound - Base station Format
30005 - Outbound - Beast format

I am only using the FA dongle and PiAware setup. Thank you all for helping a noob out.

Thanks. Happy New Year to you too :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Only one of the above three ports is enough.

  2. To display MLAT planes, add a receiver at port 30106.

Roger! Thank you!

Happy New Year!


Thank you, Happy New Year to you too.
Suggested further reading:



If you like to handcode and see it direct on dump1090 web view, have a look here: 8. Maximum range plot · alkissack/Dump1090-OpenLayers3-html Wiki · GitHub

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Great! Thank you.

Does this work with current versions of dump1090-fa and dump1090-mutability which no longer have Google map, but have OpenStreet map?

@abcd567 - It was the loss (restriction) of google maps that prompted me to write it. It works on any “openlayers” implementation of dump1090. FA is open layers, not sure about the latest mutability, but as it is just a replacement web interface (html/public_html) it certainly works with mutability installs if the complete directory is replaced (the short cut being to index.html and not gmap.html)

Thanks for prompt reply. Will try it this weekend.

The current versions of both dump1090-fa AND dump1090-mutability use OpenLayer map.

FA: /usr/share/dump1090-fa/html/index.html

MUTABILITY: /usr/share/dump1090-mutability/html/gmap.html

thanks Akissack

works OK for dump1090-fa. :+1:
I only had to change the two sets of coordinates
for map/site center in /html/config.js
very handy the button feature to activate items as required !
(i love plain terrain without labels)


PS I had written similar utility for Windows sometime ago in VB.
Will try to find and post it here. Works for the VRS-PlanePlotter
combo in M$windoze.

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Did it on dump1090-mutability v1.15~dev

#First re-name existing folder "html" to "html-orignal" to preserve it, 
#enabling revert in case something breaks
$ sudo mv /usr/share/dump1090-mutability/html /usr/share/dump1090-mutability/html-orignal

#Check folder "html" has been successfully re-named to "html-orignal"
$ ls /usr/share/dump1090-mutability/
config-template  html-orignal

#Clone the Alkissack code
$ git clone

#Copy cloned "public_html" as "html"
$ sudo cp -a Dump1090-OpenLayers3-html/public_html  /usr/share/dump1090-mutability/html

#Check that folder "public_html" has successfully copied as folder "html"
$ ls  /usr/share/dump1090-mutability
config-template  html  html-orignal

#Rename "index.html" to "gmap.html"
$ cd  /usr/share/dump1090-mutability/html/
$ sudo mv index.html gmap.html

#Clear Browser cache (Ctrl+Shift+Delete) and Reload browser (Ctrl+F5)


  1. Map changed from default Mutability map to dump1090-fa/SkyView type map. It is OK
  2. Why all planes are shown originating from UK? I am in Toronto Canada.

hi abcd567
as per my above reply, edit the config.js
have to change default and site coordinates, reset the range and all will be ok.

also got dump1090-mutability working !

ed1 : only missing the clocks…


You mentioned config.js in your previous post
I now changed default and site coordinates in config.js, but still the same result.


$  sudo nano /usr/share/dump1090-mutability/html/config.js

// Default center of the map.
DefaultCenterLat = 43.5xxx;
DefaultCenterLon = -79.6xxx;
// The google maps zoom level, 0 - 16, lower is further out
DefaultZoomLvl   = 7;

// Center marker. If dump1090 provides a receiver location,
// that location is used and these settings are ignored.

SiteShow    = true;           // true to show a center marker
SiteLat     = 43.5xxx;              // position of the marker
SiteLon     = -79.6xxx;
SiteName    = "Rx";            // tooltip of the marker