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How do you create a coverage map?

It was Firefox’s STUBBORN Cache. Wont clear whatever I do.
On Chromium, it is showing OK

sorry i meant config.js . I edited the previous.

also on any browser refresh…range goes … :cold_sweat:

@evangelyul - in chrome the range stays on a simple refresh, but clearing the cache, does reset everything.

However your feedback and disappointment will spur me on to find a way to save this more permanently if possible :slight_smile:


Hi Al

no disappointment, on the contrary, very good job you’ve done !
maybe a .json file - like the one VRS creates - will be better.
so even after boot-up the range stays like the ‘heywhatsthat’ plot.
and while you’re at it, maybe a little utility to allocate navaids and
the like in places other than UK by just entering coords and type. :grinning:


@evangelyul - what types of navaids would you want discretely identifying (I just have navpoints and then TACAN, VOR etc all jumbled together)

I just checked the code, and I did introduce a json for the range a while ago (which allows it to be persistent when browser is closed and later reopened). Are you saying you lose the range after a simple reset (F5)?

ok so i was on the old html dir.
after rebooting RPi and clearing browser cache
the range IS persistent !

now regarding the navaids, I meant if instead of
editing the lines of your files, a way (GUI preferably)
to enter a set of coordinates and a navaid type/id
so the file will be created auto. maybe too much to ask…:grinning:

ah. My original method was hard coded, but I now load them as a layer (Navaids for example provided as CSV to QGIS and then saved as a layer that I load in the initialize_map() function in script.js to load vordemlayer (for example).

You could do this, or I thought you might have been looking for a way to load a CSV directly (Lat, Long, Type) when the browser initialises (I did do this at one stage too)?

I just forced a commit to Github as I noted it was dated back in July, whereas I have done some changes since

i tried your last version. this time the range is gone
and restarting the plot…

Ultimately I could succeed with FIREFOX to clear old plot.

Initially, on pop-up after (Ctrl+Shift+Delete), I have checked option Clear Cache, and it did not clear the map. I now checked one more option Clear Offline Content, and old plot (showing all flights originating from UK) cleared, and new plotting started.

Clearing Offline Web Content also switched map to Light Openstreet (like in evangelyul’s last post), and I had to switch it back to normal Openstreet.

I had the same problem, could not get rid of those old range plots, I think even clearing offline web pages did not help. But then I spotted a button on the upper right corner “Reset Range”, maybe it only exists in the newer version of the html folder?

I cloned the public_html folder from Github only yesterday, so it is latest, but does not have “Reset Range” button

@Akissack changed it today see above post

Oops, I missed it!
Thanks for information.

as mentioned earlier, here is another old utility (just recompiled it VB 2010)
for the combo PP/VRS under windoze.

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Hello all,

I know the post here is old and there are several in this and other forums but unfortunately I could find the solution to my problem in these.

Like the post author, I would like to create Polar Plots. I use the VRS on a RBPI4, PiAware, Blue Stick, the rest of the information I can provide if needed. I installed the VRS according to a manual for PiAware here in the forum.

I am missing the possibility to select the item “receiver range” from the screenshot 2 of 7 shown by abcd567. I wonder if this is related to the fact that whenever I open the VRS page, my home location is always near the Suez Canal and is always displayed upside down in the map display as specified in the web server configuration.

VRS Polar

Greetings Stephan