raspi software that plots the "total visible area" on a map?

I’ve seen a number of posts where the software generates a shaded overlay that (over time) shows you the entire area that you’ve “seen” aircraft in… the adsbreceiver setup that I have only shows what I think is the “normal” dump1090 map, with the max theoretical range figures built from the heywhatsthat.com information.

I’ve seen a couple of places where the software appears to run on a windows machine, but my setup is raspi and I don’t have a realistic way of getting the information that I want/need other than my pi. Suggestions?

Virtual Radar Server is one program that can do that. virtualradarserver.co.uk/
There are Windows and Linux versions but I find it a bit heavy on resources for a Pi but you can read more here: forum.virtualradarserver.co.uk/ … um.php?f=7

A lighter weight option is to run ModeSMixer2. A version for the Pi can be downloaded from here xdeco.org/
Like VRS and Piaware, MM2 sends its graphical output to a web page. This software is discussed on various forums - just do a Google search for “ModeSMixer2”.

If you use Piaware, ***don’***t use another program from that website call ModeSDeco2 - that captures data from a dongle so it will mess up Piaware!

And just remembered that there was an add on that did this for dump1090/Piaware but it was written for Piaware2. That might be the images you saw on this forum. With a change of mapping for Piaware3, it does not work any more :frowning:

But this is what it looks like: http://ihld.co.uk/dump1090_rangemap.jpg

I found getting VRS up and running on my MAC pretty challenging, of course, I don’t know jack. The difficulty was in the various programs you have to load and then run for VRS to run. But, I am glad I did, it is certainly worth the effort! Good Luck.

Here is my 30,000 ft heat map.

Note the scarcity of planes today, the NY/New England is hurting my numbers, badly!