Can a website admin help me


i made some mistakes when adding some FBO information on the CDW airport information page can a admin please delete all listings for FBOs at KCDW so I can just redo the entire thing. Please!!



Unless it has changed since it was first set up, you can go back and edit any info you put in yourself on it. There should be and “edit” link somewhere on the page.

EDIT: OK, I went and looked at RVS. On the airport info page (cute link at the top of the “traffic” page), you can click on whatever FBO you need to change info on and on the right hand side is a link that says “Edit business information.” Click that and you should be OK.

Also, this is like the 4th time (guesstimation) that you have posted it. They aren’t ignoring you. You don’t need to keep posting the same thing over and over and over…


thx for the help, the promblem is that there is mulitple listing for the same FBO and it doesnt allow me to go back and delete the old one, that was there…


When you click on the business name, there is a link at the top to “flag this page for review by Flight Aware staff” It will then give you some more options. That might be your best way to find help.