New Airport/FBO info

Very cool! Of course now everyone will want some searches for fuel prices, fly-in restaurants, etc.

I added an FBO. Noticed that business or manager name doesn’t allow “&”. Also clicked all the yes/no checkboxes, but that information isn’t showing up. A few formating problems on the checkboxes, but guessing you already know about that.

Also semi-related problem: The “Statistics and xxxx Airport Graphs” link at the bottom of the FlightAware > Live Flight Tracker > Airport > page doesn’t work(404), but from FlightAware > Resources > Airport > it does work.


Awesome additions once again! The only problem I’ve been having is when I “submit” the information I enter, I get the following error:

Submission Rejected: Data error

    * Invalid Data: Summary
    * Invalid Data: Summary

Can anyone tell me what it is and how to fix it?


Yeah I’m getting the “Summary” error too. :unamused:

For me, the radio button selections would change from what I selected to what was “published”. Specifically, catering went from yes to no, shuttle went from no to yes, and hanger went from yes to no, all on their own. This was happening at OTM. Great product guys and keep it up!!

I fixed so that “&” is allowed in summary and fixed the “Statistics and Airport Graphs” link on the airport activity pages.

If you’re still having a problem, can you paste what summary is being rejected?

Can you point me at a facility where the check boxes are changing? Is it immediate or is someone else changing them?

Edited to add: I think the formatting problems are formatting of the boolean fields in “edit mode” is fixed now.

What I’m trying to submit:

The newest FBO at Westchester County Airport. State-of-the-art facility and unsurpassed CUSTOMER SERVICE.

34 in the nation for Best US FBO (and # 1 at HPN) in 2005 Pro Pilot FBO Survey

For 46 years, Panorama Flight Service has served the needs of general aviation consumers at the Westchester Count Airport in White Plains, NY. They provide a variety of services including Executive Aircraft Charter and Management, Flight Training and Aircraft Rental, Aircraft Sales (new and used), Aircraft Maintenance and Parts, and Line Services (Avgas, Jet A and oils, hangar storage, T-hangar storage, ramp and tiedown, overnight parking, aircraft wash and waxes, preheats, jumpstarts, ground power).

NBAA & CAA member fuel discounts available.

I think it may be the “#” sign.


Give it a shot now.

Sorry, Daniel. It still doesn’t go through, but gives me the same “Summary” error, only this time, it only gives me one line of “summary” error, not two like I posted earlier today.


Jason, OK, try now. I implemented a fix and tested it – seems to work.

Also, you might want to tone down the description a tad to make it seem a bit more objective and less like an advertisement or another FA user probably will for you!

Oooooh, cool. I saw that Trajen at AUS was already added, so I called the other FBO (Signature Flight Support) and updated their fuel prices, CTAF frequency, etc.


I messed up while updating the info for N14. Would you be so kind as to remove the link for Flying W/Prometric Test Center from the FBO section?

It belongs, and should remain, in the Flight School section.



Done. In the future, rather than adding a new one and needing to have the old one deleted, you can change the category/business type at the top of the edit page.

Yep, saw this coming. See for what I posted for suggestions

Hope that Daniel will change the drop down menu choice to radio buttons so this won’t happen. Very easily done.


Tried that. That’s how I wound up with two listings!

Saw my error, went back to the entry for Prometric, changed the selection from FBO to Flight School on the drop-down menu and hit submit.

Rather than changing the listing, it added another. :open_mouth:

Thanks for the quick repair.



OK, definitely still in beta but probably if you want “back” from the “add business” page to fix it, it added a new one because you re-submitted the “add a new airport” form. If you go to the listing and click “edit,” you can switch the category around and it should be OK.

I am unable to scroll completely to the right side with IE6 and 1024x768 resolution. The scroll bar completely to the right still crops the rightmost part of the screen. Both maximized and not.

Look at KMLI - flight schools. I think maybe the font is too large where it lists the myriad of services but I’m not sure. … ing_Eagles

Hi Daniel,

Can you please give me a suggestion?

I thought telling/describing what the FBO offers (service) was what the feature was for. I’m not trying to advertise either, but what I wrote is mere fact. They are a great FBO and I don’t want to make it sound like others on the field are much better if they’re not. The truth from other pilots’ perspectives (even if it is in the description) is better than saying the opposite to make it sound more objective.

I’m simply following the rules posted on the submission page itself:

Not for advertising specials, complaints, or comments.

I’m neither giving complains, comments, or advertising a special(s).


Seems to be an Internet Explorer-specific problem. Should have this fixed tonight.

No problem here with either IE or Firefox, laptop with 14.1" 1400X1050 display (SXGA+).



Should be significantly cleaned up formatting now to better support various browsers and resolutions.