help with setting up Airport Information

I was putting in some info for our FBOs here at KCDW (Caldwell, NJ) and It seems that it doesnt let you delete your old info and also if one place is a FBO and a flight school its very hard to go back and edit the information on the FBO without removing all the information from the flightschool, can someone help me out here should be like this

Airport Services, Businesses, and Facilities
FBO (Airport/Aircraft Ground Services)
Caldwell Air Service 123.3 $4.45 $4.06 No No No Yes Yes No
Mac Dan Aviation 130.55 $4.01 $4.17 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Aircraft Rental or Flight School
Century Air +1-973-575-4800
Air Fleet +1-973-575-8220
Mac Dan Aviation +1-973-227-3625

Other Airport Buisness
Airport Operations +1-973-227-4567
C&C Car Rental +1-973-882-0310
Air Shares Elite +1-973-575-0123
Air Bound Aviation +1-973-575-1833
Avant Air +1-973-227-6975
Paramus Flying Club

can one of the website admins help me orginize this page like that

ok ok … could one of the website admins please delete all FBOs for KCDW and let me redo the entire selection please :wink: