Problem with FBO info

A couple of days ago, I entered data (the first, supposedly) for an FBO at KDSM. The name, Mid-America Jet Center, has a hyphen in it and when I saved the data, your system replaced the hyphen with an underscore (_). That looked odd, so I tried to go back and edit the date to use a space instead of a hyphen. I was unable to do so, because whenever I click on the link to Mid_America Jet Center, it returns “Business not found”. This is still happening today, so it appears the link is just no good. Can you fix the name (remove the underscore) and repair the link?

Also, it seemed odd to me that when I checked the Airport Inormation for KDSM, I was invited to add “the first” FBO, yet when I looked back the next day, the other two FBO’s were also listed! (Their links work, by the way.) It just seems strange that KDSM would go from NO data to fully populated in a few hours! Was it just a coincidence, or is there another explanation?

Love your site - it just keeps getting better.

Any member can edit the info, so it’s probably just coincidence.

Did you try just deleting the name with the underscore in it from the page and then re-rentering the info?



There are some glitches with the error checking and special characters as well as blank names. We’ll be resolving them in the next day or two and helping people clean up information that they’ve entered.

Thanks for your contribution – we now have over 500 facilities at over 260 airports in the database and growing constantly although there’s still a lot more to add and update.

Unfortunately, I don’t see anyway to make that work either because the link doesn’t work at all, so there is no way to edit ANY of the info.

Sorry, stupid question on my part.

I thought there was an “overview” page where we could do a line by line edit. I keep forgetting I’m not an Admin on this Forum.



It has been a week since my original post and I find today that it is still not possible to access the information on Mid-America Jet Center at KDSM. (Clicking on the link returns “Could not find business.”) If you can’t fix it per my previous request, can you at least delete it? Then we can start over.


Sorry, fixed … Jet_Center

Thank you. It works fine now.

Glad to help. We’ll be fixing some other glitches, soon.

Please post and update the fuel prices on that FBO if you can.

I have heard of programs that can go to other websites and grab specific information (usually pieces of HTML) LEGALLY and put it their own website. Does this actually exist and would FA use it to help update fuel prices?

It’s called “web scraping” and you can definitely write programs to do that. However, I don’t expect that we’ll be writing anything like that to update fuel prices.

It sounds like you don’t approve of “web scraping”, Daniel. I agree that it does seem to be an “under the table” practice. If I had worked hard to add data to my web site, I know I wouldn’t appreciate unauthorized scrapers.