Changing FBO information


I entered our fuel prices under the Airport FBO section of the Resources area ( Now that they’ve dropped (finally) I cannot go back in and change it. All I can change is the message I typed out as well as all contact info. Anyone know how I can go in and change the fuel prices I listed? Thanks. Love this site.


There’s a bug which sometime occurs which causes exactly this problem. There are several ground facility types supported by the FlightAware airport information pages and sometimes an FBO is accidently flagged as a facility which does not have fuel for sale. When this occurs it becomes impossible to update the fuel prices for that facility.

If you can point out which FBO and which airport is affected (either in this thread or to me in PM) I can go in and “fix the glitch.”


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OK, you should be all set now. The problem turned out to be confusion in having both the FBO and the Aircraft Rental/Flight School records with the same exact name. I had to rename the second entry to just “Epic Aviation” (without the , Inc.) to get it to work properly.