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Please add or update an FBO on FlightAware!

We need FlightAware members to add or update our Airport Resources section with a couple local FBOs, flight schools, or repair facilities. You can contribute to FlightAware and help out the tens of thousands of pilots that look at FlightAware resource pages lately for airport information and services.

Enter what you know (especially name, services, and contact information) and be sure to give the FBO a quick call to pick up their latest fuel prices.

Any registered FlightAware member can add or edit information about FBOs, airport restaurants, or other airport businesses at every airport. Anyone can easily update contact information, hours of operation, fuel prices, services available, and more. This way, FlightAware members can create the most objective airport facility database on the Internet.

Unlike other web sites that offer “pay for play” facility and FBO lists, FlightAware does not accept money for placement or “premier listings” – all information is supplied by our users and without staff intervention. Of course, all revisions are tracked so we can easily detect anomalies or revert any mistakes.

Take a look at Teterboro Airport for a simple example of some airport services.

Add your local aviation business today & let’s see how quickly we can populate fuel prices for the entire nation!

I’ll do Paine and Boeing Fields soon.

I’m glad to read that Dan as I always wondered what would happen if someone decided to “bomb” their local competitor’s listed fuel prices.

Or rivaling FBOs. :smiley:

That’s what “local competitor” means CCX.

I wasn’t referring to the corner Exxon gas passer.

What about changing gas prices? Wouldn’t that make “bombing” ineffective long term? In the short term, if gas was $5.39 at one place, and $4.11 next door, wouldn’t that make pilots suspicious? Besides, the next FBO is just a minute down the taxiway. I’d expect pilots would ask around. If they don’t want to drive their sweet bird to every FBO, then they’ll get the “real” price. Worst case scenario, there is the UNICOM. Or, if it’s a busy airport, or you’re embarrassed , call ahead of time. Or, if the pilot forgot, there’s one extra use for the cell phone. I don’t know if that’s allowed though.

Unfortunately, price goes with the name of the FBO. Real world experience for me has proven the word Millionaire and high av gas prices are synonyms. So, no it would not make me suspicious.

It’s not unusual to see $1.50 difference per gallon at an airport with the word Millionaire on it…

And unfortunately, some FBO’s are not just a minute down the taxiway, especially at the larger class C airports and class B airports. By the time you taxi across the airfield, you may have burned up the difference in savings in fuel.

My FBO decisions are made on ground transportation convienance, bladder capacity :smiley: and whether I want to taxi timbuktoo to the other side of the airport. When given a chance, I do go to FBO’s that have provided me outstanding service in the past, and do my best to keep my promise “I will be back”.


I have added the FBO information for Williams Gateway Airport in Mesa, AZ but I cant get the services to post. Any ideas?

I have tried to help-out (as a newbie) with information about Lee Airport (Annapolis). It’s a small place, but I can’t locate information about it, nor can I figure out how to edit/add information about it. :frowning:

It appears that if the airport list doesn’t list it (I have tried to “select” or “input” KANP several times - but been unsuccessful) then I can’t offer any editing services.

Would love to hear how to do this!!!

Thanks!!! :smiley:

atradem0 welcome!!

Unfortunately KANP is not in our database. We have a list of airports that are going to be added very soon, so i’ll include this one on there. Also when trying to add FBO’s or other aiport businesses to our airport resources page, look for the link underneath the specific category box that it would fall under. It should say “be the first to add xxxxxxxxxxx fbo”. If one is already there simply click on the business that you are wanting to edit. Right above the name of the company is a link that says “edit this page” click on this and begin editing.

If I add my business - how long will it be posted in airport information?

Forever, unless someone notices that you go out of business.

Just wondered if KANP will be on-board soon.

I know we’re a very small one, so I’m not holding my breath for a quick turn-around…but wondering…



We are updating the list next week…hopefully!

That’s great news. I was wondering when KUXL would become active. :smiley:

I guess you guys didn’t get a chance to update the list, KUXL still shows invalid :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

KSUZ is new Saline County Regional (Arkansas) I really don’t know much about it since I now live in Texas. Hope it’ll be added to data base soon

The list of airports has been updated.

Additionally, we now have over 3,500 airport facilities/businesses listed based on user contribution. Please check your home airport’s local resource page to see if your facility is listed. If it isn’t, add it to share with other FlightAware members! If it is, give them a call and update the fuel prices and services available to help out the aviation community.


Here is a list of all the airports in Oklahoma & their codes at this link (with detailed info that has been updated recently):




At KSAN, Jimsair is now Landmark.