C550 off runway at KBTP

By Jim McKinnon, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

An air ambulance jet today skidded off the runway in Butler County behind the Penn Township Volunteer Fire Department.

No major injuries have been reported.

The Cessna Citation II, owned by Florida-based Air Trek Inc., landed at 9 a.m. on the icy, snow covered runway at the Butler County Airport’s K.W. Scholter Field, said Dana Carr, the company’s director of operations

Tail # N492AT

No major injuries. More here


Another one for the “I Lost My Job Today” collection at:

NotAm for KBTP:

Aircraft is based out of KOKV (my home base). I’ve probably seen it a few times without realizing it. I guess I won’t be seeing it anymore.

Nailed the ILS!

That’s WHAT I said… :wink:

Where’s the wing? How fast were they going when they hit the end?

Kind of interesting.
The wing (maybe both) are gone, the tail is off but the pressure vessel doesn’t look too bad.

What’s that long gray thing under the tail structure. If that’s not it, I’d be willing to bet that it’s under the middle of the ILS antennas.

Okay, how about… ‘Intercepted the ILS, almost dead on!’

Looks to me like the wind is mostly intact, but the black boot on the leading edge along with some burn marks make it blend in with the background.

Technically he didnt hit the ILS at all. He hit the localizer antennae which are just part of the ILS.

Found a better picture of the wings.


Yes, thankfully the wind was not damaged. Nothing more embarrassing than getting written up in an accident report for breaking wind.

Technically, if he hit the localizer antennae, then he hit the ILS. If a car bumper is part of a car, and someone hits the bumper, then they hit the car.

The plane hit the localizer antennae, and as a result, the ILS is no longer operative. I think it stands to reason that the ILS was hit.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

True, but if he hit the glideslope antenna, then the localizer would most like remain operable. Its somewhat ambiguous to say he hit the ILS since it is on two different parts of the airport.

Can you shoot an ILS approach with just localizer information? No, it would then become just a localizer approach.

I understand exactly what y’all are saying and where you’re coming from, but still… If you hit a part of a system, and the system no longer functions, then you’ve hit the system.

Umm. no. But they do have non-precision approaches that have GS info.

Ha yes, now I can see it. Well if the pressure vessel is intact it will be flying again. Of course it’s a II and the book value isn’t all that great, boneyard here we come.

Oh yeah, I forgot I had this picture…


Also crashed at Butler County. We used it as a prop (no pun intended) in church. If I remember it was a 414. The owner knew it had brake issues AND the flaps weren’t working AND he landed with a tail wind. Darwin Award anyone.

So then, he flew through the localizer? :laughing:

I think it more accurate to say they were “established on the localizer”.

Thats the wreckage of the localizer antenna. The glideslope antenna would be back at the touchdown point. The latest notams say the Localizer is out. Also, note the snow and ice on the runway, and the poor braking action.

Data Current as of: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 04:21:00 GMT


!BTP 01/012 BTP 8 MALSR DCMSND WEF 0701171645

!BTP 01/013 BTP 8 MALSF CMSND WEF 0701171645


!BTP 01/042 BTP SIR WEF 0701261204

!BTP 01/044 BTP BA POOR WEF 070126172

It’s too bad about that crash. They have worked really hard getting up and running at KOKV.

Hopefully it won’t set them back too far. They have been really a good partner at KOKV.