N2168F runs off end of runway at 2NC0


webcam at MountanAir (2NC0) revealed crews at nw end of runway lifting a Mooney (N2168F) off the embankment past the end of the runway. Very likely pilot and/or passengers survived with little or no injury. Very little damage.


You got a link to the video? Very little history shown in that plane. 2 flights of less than 20 minutes each. The plane’s just a little over years old.


Here’s the link. Beautiful little mountaintop golf-course airport. What a life.

But ya gotta be patient with the webcam. It’s a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) but the connection is very slow for video – better than dialup but worse than a low-grade broadband. Says to please view no longer than a minute, but it takes almost that long to even get it pointed at what you want to look at.

Experiment with the vertical and horizontal tilt scales. Has no click-in-image direction.


Have you seen this one yet?



Thats fun to play with. There are 3 PC12s on the ramp right now, pretty cool.


Oh - it’s a Webcam (as you mentioned). I thought you had video them cleaning up the wreckage.

Looks like they’re having a barbeque at the approach end of runway 14. I wonder if they realize (or are getting “that funny feeling”) they’re being watched? :smiling_imp:


About a month ago I watched Air Force One (the smaller one) land at Hagerstown. The tipoff was the flotilla of helos (Jolly Greens in presidential livery) at the terminal other side of runway. Prez was on his way back from speaking at Annapolis.

Lots of different aircraft show up at that RiderJet Center tarmac there, right close to the cam.