N877AF crash at KBDR (12-Jun-2009)

Pilatus PC-12/47 crash at the end of the runway.

wtnh.com/dpp/news/fairfield_ … 0906120930

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Stratford (WTNH) - A small plane landed long and crashed into a fence at Sikorsky Airport in Stratford.

It happened around 8 a.m.

The flight originated from Norwood Memorial Airport in Norwood, Mass.

Early reports indicate the five passengers and two crew members were not injured, despite heavy damage to the turbo-prop plane.

Heavy fog at the airport appears to have played a role in the crash landing.

The airport is located in Stratford, but is owned by the City of Bridgeport. The FAA is also investigating.

A secondary runway that was closed for a couple of hours following the crash was re-opened around Noon.

A rare incident for one of Alpha Flying’s aircraft!

The runways are 4,600’ and 4,700’ so I disagree with the person in the Erin Cox story that said this was caused by fog. That plane can stop on a dime. Most likely it was caused by pilot error. I’m glad nobody was injured.

And give you nine cents change! Waiting to see what J has to say about it.

I’m glad that nobody was seriously hurt, but somebody got’sum splainin to do…

Metal got bent. :open_mouth:


I just got home from Pease and the whole field was A-Buzz about one of the Platypus’ “going down” in CT. No one had any facts of any kind at the time, so I’m glad to see the results from what you guys posted, not too bad I guess.

“Most likely caused by fog.” :unamused:

I too would like to here what Little James has to say on the matter.