"Small plane crashes..."


Here’s an interesting story which says a small airplane departed two airports at the same time, didn’t call ATC and was destroyed near Block Island… Does anyone know anything about it / its tail?


Love the news-media :unamused:



The article said that the plane was cleared for departure to Westchester County Airport in White Plains. It was poorly worded, yes. I myself had to read it twice before I caught it. One must assume that it left only Block Island’s airport. :wink: The interesting part of the story to me is that the plane tried unsuccessfully to land at 3 different airports before crashing!! Those must have been some pretty big storms, to blanket the whole Long Island/Connecticut area at roughly the same time. Plus, if true, he apparently made it to “the mainland,” then turned around and went all the way back to the island to land…?

Serously, thoughts and prayers to the families of the deceased. :cry:


Yeah, makes little sense to me… I happened to be flying today at around the same time he was scheduled to depart (ok, maybe a little later). It was an IFR lesson in which we flew to Hyannis, and then planned on flying to Nantucket. The airplane has a G1000 setup with NEXRAD downlink radar and there was a pretty strong cell of thunderstorms over Martha’s Vineyard at around 2:00 with associated lightning topping out at 20-30k feet. I guess this is what he encountered, but it seems strange to me that he would takeoff in such conditions… Anyway, still trying to figure out the story, thanks for the reply!


This plane crash in Oklahoma Sunday is also a bit hard to figure out what the pilot was thinking…

61-year-old William Barnes of Tulsa took off from a private northeast of Tulsa Sunday, traveled about two miles and safely landed the Cessna 180 airplane in a residential neighborhood.

He then tried to take off again. It’s not clear why Barnes landed in the neighborhood near the private airstrip or tried to take off again rather than seek assistance.

National Transportation Safety Board representatives say the airplane clipped a traffic sign while taxiing and hit a power line after takeoff. The plane crashed nose-first into a suburban yard and burned.

Also there are a couple of good pics of a vertical plane with its nose deep in the ground.



I’ve always been amazing by the idiocy of this guy:
Story, he ran out of gas and landed safely on the road. Hooray. News crews were there after the event, singing the praises of the pilot after his successful off-airport landing. Flatbed truck arrives to take the plane back to the airport, but after a few attempts the pilot decides that he doesnt want to damage the nosewheel in transit. He asks for, and for whatever reason (crazy louisianans), is granted permission to add fuel and take off from the road. So he…

Freakin’ Idiot.


Wow. Musta been in a hurry. Bet my money on he just wanted to take off from the road.