Small Pane Lands in Surf at Rockaway, NY

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“A pilot and his two passengers are safe after their single-engine plane made an emergency landing at Rockaway Beach Monday night.”


Sounds like his landing was not the result of an emergency. … TC-net.mp3

What a jack ass.


He changed his story for the “Emergency”… fool.

New York Post article


It’s douche bags like this that ruin flying in the public eye.

Someday I’m going to have a hard time going camping and fishing in the 185.


Stupid stupid stupid young fool. What was he thinking? Even if he was dead-set on his as-seen-on-TV beach landing, he should have just run with his engine trouble story . . . and what was the bit about dropping off a preacher somewhere?!

His “medical emergency” was not an emergency and any pilot knows an airsick pax is not a medical emergency so you’d think a pilot who is also a medical student and paramedic would know this! It’s clear he just wanted to land on that beach.

Medical student and private pilot? Family probably isn’t short on cash: make them pay the full cost of the police/EMS response on this, plus this jackass needs to lose his ticket.


I can only hope that this individual receives the reward he deserves for this display of airmanship. :unamused:


Aside from the obvious, the thing that really bugs me is that a jar head like that is flying around some of the busiest airspace in the world and distracting a JFK controller with nonesense. He thought the squak code was the altimeter setting and the Bravo floor is 500 ft. Think about it.

What’s really scarry is that if there is one there must be others.


Now he’s using the old “tv made me do it” excuse: … ?GT1=43001

I think anything I could come up would be better than saying that.


I think he’d be better off with the “Twinkie” defense! :unamused:


I think blaming it on his parents raising him with a silver spoon up his a*s is his best defense.

I know he will loose his pilots certificate, probably (hopefully) permanently.

I just hope this display of his decision making, general attitude and immatureness isn’t lost on the board at his med school and they dispose of him too.
Although this is going to be one less future sale for the folks at Cirrus.


Wow. The ATC feed is unbelievable. What a cocky, entitled, unprofessional and ultimately dangerous individual. Tying up a JFK ATC guy with endless stupid calls, and using ridiculous language (“let us know if we get up in your grill…”) is frankly shocking.
Then, actually putting down on Rockaway Beach?

Let’s hope for a quick and sane resolution to include:

  1. Permanent revocation of cert.
  2. Pursue felony charges if possible. That will screw the pooch for medical licensure for the rest of his life, so we don’t have to worry about the med school kicking him out. Include restitution payment for the EMS/PD response.
  3. Hope Georgetown kicks him out anyway.
    As a physician myself, I would toss him out on his ear and send him back to being a paramedic. You can’t act this way and be a solid doc. Game over.


Forgot one word - the guy was a complete JERK!


All of the above plus the Mooney is now doused in salt water. Daddy should make him pay for it before he gets out of prison/goes back to junior college.


An Alaskan Bush Pilot wouldn’t have done that!?!
what does he think? that we just wreck airplanes on a daily basis up there?



The shrinks should be looking for the next sign of delusional behavior, that is if he still thinks he has a chance with the girls.




insurance claim DENIED!!


Not necessarily, Maloney’s not the owner of the aircraft.

And the story just gets better and better!


Well epilepsy (if he’s not faking again) will keep him grounded as well. I hope the FAA gave this clown a piss test following his little endeavor.