Boeing 787 Missed Approach


Awesome video of the 787 in the UK making a missed approach at East Midlands Airport before heading back to the USA…

  1. I thought you said you were gone.

  2. Why in the h*ll did you post it in ‘General Aviation?’

  3. Another one from mcpcshowcaseHD! How come you never post other videos from anyone else?

  4. The only time you’re on the forums is when you post one of those videos from that sh*t head!!!

  1. Yes I did. Now I’m back (",)

  2. Because I wanted too.

  3. If other people had posted the video I would have considered posting it.

  4. Now now, foul language is not strictly necessary now is it.


:laughing: Quick lock it!


Good idea. I refuse to get embroiled in a pointless argument. I’ve moved on since last time and have no intention to start a brawl.




That’s nice of you. . .


Because he’s a freakin’ moron!


WTF? did that dude kill someones dog? why is everyone bashing him?


It’s his week in the barrel.

Next week it’s your turn! :smiling_imp:




Watch it! Jason will weld you in a corner! :stuck_out_tongue:

This guy, aviationlover2000, posts videos from mcpcshowcaseHD. I think you know what happened to mcpcshowcaseHD? Anyway, we thought he was mcpc, so some of us didn’t like him and then he got mad at us, we got madder at him, he got madder at us, and now I hate his sh*t. . . :smiley:


Is that worse than being ‘ON’ the barrel? … gD9H2E24G0 :open_mouth:


Sorry Will - I like the video. The fact that they’ll be building those right down the street from me floats my boat - can’t wait till they’re filling the sky down here!


Nice video. But I think it was a low level flyby instead of a missed approach.


I kinda like the video, yes. But I don’t like him. . .

And yes I like the 787.


If you’ve ever been to Sedro-Woolley You’d know that the folks there are a little “off”.
That story doesn’t surprise e at all. :smiley:


The explanation on youtube says it was a “planned missed approach”. I wouldn’t think they’d go around on their international unveiling and I also can’t see them lowering and raising the gear just for a fly-by, so I’m believing the planned missed approach theory, but what do I know. And I remember the fireworks from MCPC and aviation lover, but in the words of Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?” :laughing:

  • And I guess this isn’t the place, but this thread is already screwed up so I guess it doesn’t matter - do we have any Boeing employees on here? I thought I’ve seen one in the past, but wasn’t sure. I have a HR question if someone that knows could PM me.

Thanks -



Approach and Go.


I hate spammers like this guy who just post videos for profit.

But I’ll make an exception on this one because it is the 787 it was a neat video. I did only watch it once. Then I downloaded it so he doesn’t get any more hits. :slight_smile: