Boeing 737 joy-ride?


What do you do on a Saturday morning if you have a Boeing 737, enough fuel for 9 hours, four states to play in and clearance for 30,000 feet? Take a look. … 1208662560


The pilot could at least have spelled something out…


It’s the world’s weirdest motorhome on etch-a-sketch


…in best Dr. Sigmund Freud accent you can muster…

" So, what seems to be the problem today?"

" First I would like you to look at this picture and tell me what you see…"

“…any issues with your mother…?” :wink:


Boeing 89 bFI to BFI


They do that all the time on Test flights checking every system out on the aircraft,i get Gulfstream jets from savannah flying over me going to Arkansas and other places and back into Savannah Georgia.


Does not hold a candle to the Citation and Gulfstream test pilots a few months ago

links please if you have em…

#8 … 6436#46436


Thanks sir ! If I would’ve thought for another 2 seconds I would’ve remembered that this board is where I saw those tracks and I probably could’ve done a search and found them quickly. duh!


Not a problem, I don’t bust peoples chops for not searching.

You asked a very simple question, and it was very easy enough for me to search and get you the answer :smiley:

No fuss, no muss.


Boeing 89 is the AWACS based on the 737NG airframe. Very unique aircraft.