Any ideas about this B737?


Apparently this used to be an old US Airways plane, anyone know who picked it up other than the LLC it is registered to?


Sad to report that GWO is a final resting stop for aged airliner jets and I’d be willing to bet this … /KMCN/KGWO was it’s last flight…

See and starting at 7:45 to the end you will see various commercial planes at different stages of dissassembly.


737 Portfolio Trust has quite 16 ex-US Airways 737 registered to it.

Looking at the production list for the 737 Classic at, US Airways leased the aircraft from 737 Portfolio Trust.

An earlier discussion asked about US Airways 737s at Macon. Taking that discussion, where it was determined that the aircraft were at Macon possibly for maintenance, I would venture a guess that they are either going to Greenwood for destruction or for possibly be leased to another operator.


And, is this DL 757 ATL-GWO going to die? Rework? Storage?


I seriously doubt rework and most likely not storage for the airlines. There is a shop there at GWO that dismantles the tired jumbo jets and the hull gets scrapped for other use. Call to the Memphis Group may give you some insight on these past two flights in this thread.

I am surprised at these being US airlines and not foreign nationals as when I have been there, they have had foreign airlines sitting around in various stages of dissasembly.

I’d equate GWO as the airplane version of roach motels for bugs. Jumbo Jets check in but never check out. One would fully understand why I say this after a visit to GWO and vicinity. :open_mouth: