US Air in Macon, GA????


I was visiting my dad today for my grandmother’s birthday (she’s 88, btw) and there were 3-4 US Air jets parked on the tarmac at MCN. One was an RJ for sure, USAir Express, then there were some moderately sized, maybe 737’s, not really sure. I was going to get pictures (as well as registration numbers) as I was leaving, however, a train was stopped there, and could only see the tops of the tail fins.

I vaguely remember when ValuJet was grounded (some of) their planes were parked there, not sure if it was during the grounding, or if they were being repainted to AirTran liveries.

So, basically, my question is…does anybody know why USAir jets would have been at MCN?


They could have been charters such as this flight: … /KCLT/KMCN


They could have been charters such as this flight: … /KCLT/KMCN

That’s feasible. It’s what I would have assumed, had there only been one, however the number of them raised an eyebrow…



maybe diversions?


ASN Google Earth view of airport

Lowe Aviaion KMCN FBO Sharp looking FBO - lots of biz jet traffic. I emailed them and asked if they could look into the US Air’s on the field. Hopefully they will respond to this thread.


It could also be a couple of other things. One is that the aircraft could be there for maintenance or painting.

The other thing is that they could be aircraft withdrawn from use and being stored at MCN.


Henry Lowe, of Lowe Aviation emailed me to confirm that the US Air aircraft are at Timco Aviation 150 East Drive Macon GA for line maintenance.

As per damiross’s post, he was absolutely correct.


Yes, most likely maintence or retired a/c as well as in GYR az.


I am very shocked at how forthcoming that f.b.o. was in info regarding a/c on the field.


Since it was about airliners, I could see why. But had you been inquiring about private planes, then it probably would have been a different story.