Blocked Flights

I’ve noticed that on several occasions planes that I have been tracking have become blocked shortly after I have begun tracking them. Do the owners of these planes get notified that they are being tracked or is it just coincidental that they block their flights after they begin being tracked.


Sounds to me like a case of bad luck. I don’t get any notification somebody has viewed my tail number (N1943L).

I remember sometime in the past, somebody suggested putting statistics on a tail number (counter of some sort???), but I don’t remember the outcome of that suggestion

Now, the inverse can happened, in your profile you can set up alerts for when a tail number takes off and that would be sent to you, but again, no notification is sent to the owner of the airplane.


Thanks Allen…I figured it was my luck…i guess I won’t buy that mega millions ticket tomorrow…

The owners don’t get a notification when you look up their flights. They (or their friends) probably read the same news you do.

When they get discussed on here they show up on google searches. Lets just say Phil Nike is bored one day and decides to Google™ N1KE… one of the first things he will see is the FlightAware discussion of his plane.

I remain defiant and object to aircraft operators blocking their aircraft from tracking. :smiling_imp:

My organization operates Gulfstream G550s (GLF5). I’ve blocked tracking for our aircraft for several very valid reasons, among them executive security and the fact that others in our market segment would gain competitive advantage from knowing our travels.


Has much as I’d like to see all aircraft shown, I can see the validity of GVFlyer’s position.

I don’t know about executive security but I do know it may be possible for others to figure why an aircraft is making a trip.

GVFlyer, would you tell us what company you fly for or would you rather keep that to yourself? Just curious.

Though with very little research it would be easy to determine ownership of our aircraft, our security advisors tell us not to volunteer that information. When asked, we say we are on a charter flight.


Not as a means to determine GVFlyer’s employer, but rather as a matter of trivia/curiosity, excluding NetJets, what companies operate multiple G550’s? I may be wrong, but I’m thinking Toyota and Coke. What about G-V’s and G500’s?


You can look up the registrations by state and usually figure out the ownership. For example, if you look up G-V & 550’s registered in Minnesota you can see 3M operates at least five of them.