Owner Alerted When Blocked Aircraft Tracked?


Is is true that when you type in a blocked tail number on FlightAware, the owner/aircraft manager will get an email with your IP and email addresses saying that you tried to track them? I heard FlightAware does this but haven’t seen much chatter about it on here or other sites.


No. Where’d you hear this?


At the weekly “Society of the Tin Foil Hats” meeting…


I was too paranoid to go.


True. Absolutely true. Don’t listen to “mduell”, he’s one of them! :wink: :wink:


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Probably here… nycaviation.com/forum/threads/45 … post487312

some of the planes I fly are blocked on Flightaware. Apparently the site pings your IP address and associated email (if you’re a registered member) back to the managing party of that particular tail number account.