Flight tracking


Just a very simple question.

If I know for a fact of a flight that will take place, is there another site besides flightaware that could track it? Of course the “said” tail number is blocked on Flightaware. I dont think I can do it on Fltpln.com

Thanks guys…


Just a simple answer. Why would you want to use another flight tracker?
If it’s blocked here, it’s blocked there.



Thats why I asked… I wasn’t sure if there was another source out there. I like Flightaware but dont consider it the next coming of Christ…



I had figured that the chief pilots would be the ones whom filed for a Tail number to be blocked… Therefore, if maybe if they got caught sleeping, there might be a loophole…


In all seriousness, Is there a better site than this?


If I understand what you are saying, then there is no loophole. FlightAware, like every other flight tracker, gets its data from the FAA. If it’s blocked by the FAA then NO ONE will get the data. However, there are some flight trackers that, while keeping within the law actually break the spirit of the law by showing the aircraft but without its registration.


The Memorandum of Agreement with the FAA that all flight tracking sites are required to sign says we cannot disclose the flight number or aircraft type of any of the flight numbers registered in the NBAA BARR program. At FlightAware we have decided to respect the owners privacy by completely blocking all information about blocked flight numbers. Some other sites may disclose some information about those flights, in compliance with the MoA, but our forums really aren’t the place to discuss who those sites are and how to use them to circumvent the block.