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Any interesting trends from Covid-19

near Amsterdam Schiphol - AMS

I saw the same spike, seems mainly due to MLAT numbers, A couple of things maybe, good weather, was first sunny/calm day for a while.
Also some airfields closing today due to lockdown measures so planes were being flown to their bases? (some airfields are staying open though until they get more guidance)
Another sunny day today, still too early to tell but my MLAT numbers still very low.

By this time yesterday my MLAT message rate was very high, the highest it’s been for over three months. Today it’s back to ‘normal’. Whatever normal is!

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Not all countries are in lockdown :wink:
Germany only restaurants, bars, pubs are open, also travelling is possible. Beside wearing mask and doing social distancing no further restrictions.
However german government set some(many) countries with a warning to travel to, so most people are not doing it.

Many of the flights passing germany on the way to from APAC/Middle East.

The busy day peaks are all sunny days with 50% +/- GA aircraft here. The deeper troughs does point to a slow decline in commercial aircraft recently.

Europe overview


Individual graphs per country:

achieved the lowest amount of registered aircraft yesterday since months.
number of aircraft , trending for 30 days

I’m expecting a big dip over the next couple of days, with a high-winds winter storm projected to blow in form the Pacific starting late tomorrow. I’m averaging about 716 total aircraft per day over the last week, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it drop into the 500s on Friday and Saturday.

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even without a storm the numbers are dropping.

The last two days i had < 1000 aircraft per day where i had +3000 during peak times in summer last year.

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I’m suffering from location envy!

today’s traffic, currently 1000 aircraft, many on high altitude
The light blue circle was a KC35 doing them over France

And the ridiculous low traffic right now at 0800pm. Just about 20% of the normal traffic:

That’s quite a swing!

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Happy Birthday Corona :microbe: :partying_face:

SINCE: 17/11/2019
Born in China

Celebrating 1st birthday

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Just when I think I have a clear trend downwards… the sun comes out and every GA pilot goes for a ride and I get an all time high plane count… #TrendingIsHard

Near AMS

same here in middle Europe:

Eurocontrol Traffic overview:


It hurts to watch that.

I’ve dropped down out of the top 2000 in the stats, now I know we’re out of season but that’s unheard of.