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Halloween 2020 AIr Travel Spike?

Here in SoNH, most of my transponder traffic comes from BOS and a few MHT. While the week was rather quiet, there was a Saturday 31Oct spike. Halloween isn’t generally a travel holiday - might be people bugging out of BOS before Election Day?


We are on opposite coasts but seems we get similar traffic patterns and spikes. Yesterday had a bit of spike for me too but it was all from small GA aircraft. I had 50+ GA aircraft at once within about 30 nMi while commercial airplanes count were at typical daily volume. Happens here on nice weather days.

Commercial traffic seems down a bit since early September, but the wild spikes in GA aircraft make the trend hard to spot in my case.

I would say all those GA aircraft were up to see the rare blue moon, but the moon didn’t rise until after most of them landed!

Looks like our GA aircraft friends are out with a vengeance again, and it’s still Sunday morning!