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Any interesting trends from Covid-19

North America never had the same restrictions in air traffic that Europe did - I kept a check on the top one thousand receivers in the global rankings and for quite a while there were less than a handful who were outside the US. I think that speaks volumes.

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I made a quick comparison of my receiver 2019 vs. 2020 on a weekly basis.
Shown is the average value for the corresponding calendar week.

Comparison of the last century? LOL!


Yeah, those dates in the chart can’t be right. The Raspberry Pi-Eniac didn’t even function for another 25 years after that. Mounting it on top of the tower was much harder then…

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Guys, please… Did you never make a mistake? :smiley: :smiley:


The Tuesday is clearly the day with the fewest traffic:

I just checked the MTG graphs for the last year and the similarity is astounding.

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Those graphs tell quite the epic story. Here we go again…

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Same here near Frankfurt. The impact of Frankfurt is not that much, it’s more the high altitude aircraft on their routes.