Slot Restrictions at EWR effective


EWR will be capped to 83 flights/hour (is that departures or both departures and arrivals? I’m guessing just departures). Also can’t find the date this will be effective. … .html?.v=1


ITS ABOUT TIME. The ny airspace is handling too many airplanes an hour, and caps should be in place at all 3 airports.


All I could find was that it was effective with the summer 2008 schedule.

The limit would appear to be 83 departures or landings per hour. However, don’t take that as gospel because I can’t find anything to back it up with.


With slot restrictions going in at all 3 airports, if an airline wishes to enter the NY market they will have to either operate only at off-peak times, buy slots from someone else, or use HPN, ISP, or SWF.


true, but I would rather have less flights and competition if it means my flights won’t be delayed 3 hours every time I make a hop to NYC. :imp: :imp: I will never connect in that airspace ever…ever

I was just thinking. Imagine 1 huge New York City airport. It would be huge! 15+ runways, but of course this really wouldn’t be feasible. Plus a city the size of NYC needs airports that can be convenient to different parts of the city. But 1 airport would easily improve traffic flow into the city.


Um… No.
No matter how large the airport is, there are only so many ‘gates’ or departure corridors that aircraft can use prior to getting on the high airways. Couple that with the same huge number of inbound flights coming in on the same airways that you’ve got a huge problem. Throw in a severe localized storm and that one huge airport would get shut down, causing hundreds of aircraft to attempt holding at a few inbound fixes.


How much longer until JFK is subjected to the same limits? It will interesting to see how the slots are allocated to the airlines there.

I have to think JFK will also have to hold some “emergency capacity” for inbound international flights who may have problems with fuel, crew time, etc.

JetBlue has to be very nervous right now…


JFK slot restrictions are effective next month I believe. They are set at the same level as EWR even though I think JFK has a little higher theoretical capacity.

You can tell JBU is already responding by putting more flights at HPN and SWF and then looking to their other focus cities for growth, like IAD and their recent expansion out west.


Perhaps this thread should be titled “Slot Restrictions at EWR in effect”. How effective thay are remains to be seen! :wink:


I meant to put “effective day/month”, but when I couldn’t find that I forgot to take “effective” out.