Flight Caps at JFK


This has been in the news lately about the FAA cappng flights at JFK. Many groups have opposed this. Whats your opinion. I have been thinking if the FAA caps JFK, why not ewr or other worse offenders.

Most recent article in Aero News: aero-news.net/index.cfm?Cont … 000e9f06b&


If JFK is capped, there would be overflow to all the local airports. Not a good idea.


Nor should there be caps at the other airports that have a slot system. I say let the free market system and safety (not in that order) be the determining method of capping flights and not some arbitrary system.


While it pains me greatly to say this, there are times when the free market system needs a helping hand and this appears to be one of them. The airlines had years to sort this out by themselves and didn’t.


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No, they should just raise the landing fee (especially the landing fee on RJ’s) to reduce the # of RJ’s that are flown in. I think that would go a long way to reduce congestion. Also, caps would really hamper competition in that market because then the NY market would essentially be closed to new entrants (no slots at JFK or LGA and no gate space at EWR). The airport’s role as a major cargo hub also makes it too important to cap.

It would be nice if they could expand or upgrade ISP or HPN, but that’s not going to happen.


Why should RJ’s be singled out for higher rates? If it wasn’t for RJ’s then many cities would no longer have nonstop service from JFK.

Many people seem to enjoy RJ bashing, especially those on some Yahoo groups for BDL, PVD, and PWM. I think they happen to be a great advancement in the airline industry. They allow for more people to be able to bypass the hubs and fly nonstop to their destinations.


SWF is currently planning/undergoing expansion. Drive to/from Newburgh is better than Islip in my opinion. But, as Dami always says, “That is my personal opinion and no research has been done” or whatever he writes :stuck_out_tongue:


I wasn’t meaning that RJ’s should pay more than mainline, they just should pay more per seat than a mainline. I generally don’t have a problem with RJ’s, but in this instance they are an inefficient use of a scarce resource (landing slots).

Also, using RJ’s for point to point flights is rarely profitable. Majors just often use them that way as a way to compete against an LCC entrant. Their profitable use is to increase the catchment area of hubs, allowing flights that weren’t available with props but didn’t have the traffic for a mainline (such as IAH-GRR or ITH-ORD). This increases the effectiveness of the hubs and allows airlines to eliminate secondary hubs that primarily served props. However, JFK shouldn’t be acting as a hub. It’s an international gateway and they should really just be running RJ’s to feed into and out of those international flights.