UK ATC computers crash. Again.

Reports of severe departure restrictions (1 per 5 minutes) from LHR, LGW, MAN etc. Arrivals getting precedence during manual ops.

How many times is that ?

Guys, get it FIXED. For good. :angry:

(Update: departure slot delays up to 8 (EIGHT) hours reported.)

Glad I don’t work over there.

Yeah cause stuff always moves so swiflty at JFK, LGA, TEB, HPN, PHL, IAD, SFO, :smiley:

Especially when the weather is good! :unamused:

One of my personal favorites; running out of duty time in LNK waiting to get to Danville Virginia because the SWAP program was running for the Washington Center. (Weather was MVFR)

The only major cities I have to care about are KCVG & KATL.