American FL # 9607

I was wondering what this American A300 was doing when i was randomly checking airports last night. It’s orgin was JFK and its destination was JFK?

Any ideas?AA9607 (AAL9607) American Airlines Flight Tracking and History - FlightAware
I never saw this before

I think a maintenance check is the only explanation… that or a flightaware error

I don’t think it’s an error.

It’s a flight for those who don’t know if they are coming or going :smiley:

Looking for their tail.

Man, Orlaam, how do you do that?

Do what?

The emoticon … that animated “couch and crouch”.

Oh, I did a search a few months back for smilies and found a couple sites with some good ones.

That one is found at Deep House (I don’t peruse their site though).

Another one is Crack’s Smilies, but it’s screwy a lot and their bandwidth drops out. It’s broken right now in fact, LOL

This one has the couch too:

Some will allow hotlinking and others might require actually saving the .gif and uploading it to a picture host, like ImageShack.

On here, like most forums, you use the same format as displaying a picture. Copy the address for the image, click the Img button above, paste the address, then hit the Img button again to close the “tags”.

If you look at the Deep House Smilies page, you’ll see how they should look on here before posting. The Deep House one already has the Img tags on each end, so just copy and paste the whole thing to here and that’s it! To copy and paste, click and hold down the Left mouse button and drag the mouse across the address (URL), then Right click on it while it’s highlighted and select Copy. Come over here and put the mouse in the typing area and Right click the mouse again to select Paste. You can also use keyboard shortcuts, but you still need the mouse to drag over the address for the image.

Thanks, Orlaam, for your ‘recipe secrets’. I appreciate the links to check out. Maybe I can even find something I can use here as an Avatar.