Amelia Earhart - (2009) The Movie . . .

Hilary Swank as Amelia Earhart - the film follows Earhart’s journey from unknown aviator to America’s sweetheart and finally to her world-renowned mission around the world and her disappearance in 1937.
Release October 23

NR16020 Lockheed 10E with Amelia Earhart

F-AZLL / NR16020 (cn 1287) The beautiful Lockheed 12A is now in Amalia Earhart livery, complete with original titles and everything, all done for a movie in which it will feature. Here seen at the Geneva classics together with the Aviodrome DC2 NC39165. Canon 50D, 24-105/4 Honders photo.


Just wow. :open_mouth:

If it’s good, that’s coming home on Blu-Ray.


Hmmm…I do like Hillary. Gere is okay (Chicago, but I doubt he’ll dance in this one)…'course if he starts channelling the Dali Lami s***, I will walk out…
Looks like one to go see in the real moveee theeeater…
I have always been interested in the Earhart legacy…


You start drinking early today TC??? :laughing:

I am already planning on seeing it…

You start drinking early today TC???

Why yes, I have, but the above was really just a lame attempt at humor…I’ve been missing that on all my posts lately, so I can’t blame the Stoli…


Please post reviews. I’d like to know if they truthfully depict her life. Also want to know what type of speculation they use to determine what happened to her.

Discovery Channel or History Channel had a good documentary on her a few years back. I’ve always admired Amelia Earhart.

Shoot, I may go see it just because it has Richard Gere in it. He’s a pretty good actor.

I agree. Very interested to see how they handle her husband/agent’s marketing of her.

From some of the stories I’ve heard- she wasn’t that great of a “stick” and she really (not poking fun of the fact that she was lost at sea)was a horrible navigator.

I’ll wait for it to hit the on-demand on cable

Please don’t spoil the ending for me. :astonished:

To think that in a movie like “Night at the Museum: Night at the Smithsonian” they actually portrayed the same thing (horrible navigator) is funny to me.

She crashes and is never found.

That’s only an assumption! :open_mouth:

Found it :blush:

Movie opens this weekend . . .

USA Today story and globe showing her last flight.

I hear this one was in the movie too. It was parked in our hangar a few days at KCDW.

Sounds like a good movie. I want to go see it.

Thank you very much for ruining the end of the movie for me!!!

The ending is with her flying into a wall of clouds and the screen going quiet (similar to how the movie contact started panning back from her eye to space, this pans back from the plane to about space shuttle height) not with her crashing, so he didnt ruin the end of the movie for you.

nice pic chuck… 8) the photoshoot was amazing, swank is pretty hot in person :stuck_out_tongue: btw someone lost a photo lens cover ive been getting calls from LA all day :laughing:

Yes she is, in a cute little boy type of way…yer sick man :stuck_out_tongue: