Almost live FLIGHTAWARE it is....


Just got **Hacking Windows XP **book for X-mas and came up with this (no life)

It will auto-refresh every 5 minutes and is set for DFW. Go to the “K—” airport identifier in the weblink below and change it to whatever airport you want.

Cut and Paste the below into NOTEPAD, then SAVE AS whatever file title, with an **.htm **extension.

Then, close all windows, and right click the desktop. Then Properties–>Desktop—>Browse—>(insert this file) and hit OK/APPLY.

code below…I believe it requires a space between lines, so you may need to re-adjust it when you paste it to NOTEPAD. In other words, it should look EXACTLY like the code below.


It’s easier than that, satpak77.

From Control Panel/Display, you can set any URL as an “active desktop”. I use to show the airport activity for Addison live on the desktop. It updates whenever the FlightAware airport activity page updates. It even has a scroll bar. If you have a lot of desktop icons, you can scroll the ‘active desktop’ up or down to make everything visible.




I set the url to active desktop. I have one display that covers the whole desktop and another that is a smaller box that has the header on the top of it. The smaller display is the only one that seems to update. I made it cover the desktop, but the resolution was very blurry. The other display has great resolution, but does not refresh. Any help please?


Finally i can watch my favorite airports status without opening up another window! Great Job! :smiley:

How come it takes five minutes? The big pop up radar takes only around 2 min to refresh?


At the top of the script is the refresh setting, currently “300”. This displays the number of seconds between refreshs, change that number to whatever you want. Mine is set at “60”.



Is there a way to track a certain flight number this way?


It looks like things changed recently and this doesn’t work any more (the URL now has a key in it?) Does anyone have this working again?


Oh - found this: Oops. Too bad - I would have displayed the ads too.


Is there a similar link to the one below that will show all of a certain type of airplane? Like 77* or 74* or GLEX … 0d3a044db7