Automatic reload

I was wondering if it would be feasible to have Flight Aware become self reloading, with a page refresh every minute, or 30 sec. or something like that.

They do…

The Airport page will refresh after 310 seconds.

The maps every 90 seconds.

See this page (found by searching the forums)

-Have fun!

Yup, it’s me, the pain-in-the-arse, just putting my two cents (unadjusted for inflation) worth in.

This doesn’t just go out to Harrison but everyone. There’s a reason why FlightAware made the FAQs. It’s a great place to learn about a great site.

The answer to Harrison’s question is answered with the question “How often does the data update or fresh?” in the FAQs.

I should put up a poll to see how many really read FAQs when they go to a new site. I know I do because quite often it’s the best way to learn about a new site.

I think there are 3 types of people in the world:

1. Will read the instructions front to back (and even try translating the spanish and french version just in case) before touching anything else (my father is one of these).

2.  Put the instuctions aside where they will be handy, but only looks at them when things start to look bad.
   2. (a)   When stumped will go to the Instructions, website faq, public library to find the answer. (me)
    2.(b)   When stumped will ask somebody close by, hoping they might be able to help.

3.  Instructions?  If I can't figure it out without instructions, its a piece of junk to begin with. 

Most folks fall in categories 2 & 3. The 2(b)s do well with a gentle reminder about the FAQ (and an answer to their original question is a nice touch. The most vocal type 3s usually don’t last long anywhere, storming off in a huff. I actually looked in the FAQ for the answer to the poster’s question, and missed it. I ending up looking at the source for the pages I know refreshed and looked for the refresh tag to get the timing.

(by the way, how can you get the text to indent w/o marking it as “code”??)

(by the way, how can you get the text to indent w/o marking it as “code”??)

Start with

and end with


You can also place a character between brackets to order your list (see second example; I used an * between brackets). If you use numbers, then the list will be numbered.

example 1

  • example 2

  • of

  • an

  • indented

  • list