New feature


I think it would be cool if all the information on the flight pages and airport pages changed without refreshing. Like on yahoo stock quotes.
Streaming information.


Uh, that is called refreshing. Yahoo may do it just faster but no matter how you slice the bread it’s still streaming.

Besides, what difference does 90 seconds or so make?


Well this is the 21st century and instead of hitting F5 a hundred times id rather it automatically update. Usually in the future we advance not stay with the same technology. The choice is ours


When you’re logged in, airport and flight pages automatically update every 5 minutes; big maps automatically update every 90 seconds.


This makes no sense whatsoever, although I know what you are trying to say.

Like mduell said, if you are logged in then the screen will automatically updated.

See the questions/answers and read the forum postings about logging in.


Streaming and refreshing are NOT the same… … tion.shtml

You stream audio and video files…
You refresh web pages…




Tomato, tomahto, it’s basically the same thing.


Not even close… More like apples and onions…

The processes are completely different and NOT the same thing if you would have read the reference I provided.

Just as you tell others, you may want to look it up (or even read the reference I gave you) before you post something you are not familiar with.



What I was getting at was the end result was the same - the web page (or audio/video) was updated.


I would like to see the feature to show a website of the company they are out of when you look into the detail of the flight…or even if it is a individual that would have a website…


Heylo niner, kilo, victor Xray,

This feature is already incorporated depending on the users profile. The user can enter a website int heir profile, and you can click on their name and access their their website via their profile should you choose to do so.

It would be kinda hard to assoicate a tail number to a website should the plane be owned by a private partnership flown by many pilots.

Even on my own private plane, should I sell it and neglect to update this website, it would have incorrect information for a visitor especially if I was an infrequent poster.

In otherwords, the site administrator truly wouldn’t be able to keep up with changes of hands with airplanes.