My flightaware


Do you think that there be more aircraft or airports you can watch in the future in MY FLIGHTAWARE?




YES can’t wait to add some new flights. Thanks for the quick response. Great site.


One more question, are text or IM alerts in the works as well?


Does the screen refresh itself not the radar but the Discussions page as well?



Don’t understand this question.


Um let me think… Does the Discussion Page auto refresh and tell you if there has been any new post or do you have to refresh the page. I have to click the refresh on the toolbar.


Yeah, the discussion pages don’t auto-refresh as far as I know.


Oh why not?



I don’t see an auto-refresh on the discussion board as really necessary, as I would like the crew to concentrate on flight tracking updates.


Don’t forget that the FA staff didn’t write the forum software, and therefore don’t have much control over the way it works beyond administrator configurations.

The forums don’t AUTO refresh, but the new message indicators do refresh every time your browser reloads the main forum page. This won’t show if you use the “back” function of your browser, but will show if you reload the page many other ways, like clicking the FlightAware > Discussions Forum Index -> link at the top of the message or manually refreshing your browser.