All airborn flights of an airline


Please don’t flame if this is out there and I just didn’t find it. A nice feature for some of us would be being able to enter a airline name or their 3 letter call sign and see a map of all the airborn flights.

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We don’t flame here.

We just make fun of you incessantly…as well as each other.


…and tell ya to take a look at previous postings by using the search link way up at the top of this page.

This feature (the search feature) is in the works. Use something like “wildcard” in your search.

“What? Me Flame?” says Alfred E Newman (or something like that)


But us big and bad “Charter Members” may find it in our hearts to be nice to a newby…ONCE…


Thanks, I had searched for wildcard previously, and the majority of posts that came up were ones telling us to do a search on wildcard! :laughing: But I have figured out it is a feature that isn’t available yet, but could be in the works… Thanks! :::moving back to the corner and playing some more with FA:::


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Just remember to put it back where you got it from when you are done…We like to keep our FA nice and clean.[/quote]



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I dunno…