Flight Simmers out there?

Just saying hi to all the flight simmers out there. Im a newbie pilot at the Atlantic Skies Airline. Flying outta Minneapolis. Beechcraft 1900d is my fav plane at the moment :slight_smile:

any other simmers out there? if so holla

Hey there I’m giving you a heads up people are going to tear you apart for talking about flight sim. I like it so PM me if you don’t know how i’ll write to you so check the top where you log into the discussions and look to where it says if you have mail.

Yeah nitro was right you will get some grief but I also use flight simulator.

why would sumone get upset bout a game? lol must be jelous or sumthin lol (just kiddin to all the haters out there) so u fly with an airline or just for fun?

also just curious if anyone ever heard of hoopa jet?

Ditto to what Nitro and Boeing say. After 17 posts, you still haven’t looked at the topics already posted?

This site is for real aviation, not a simulation of it. You can use it to get routes, I guess, but don’t waste bandwidth on discussing it here.

K , will do,

to all simmers holla at me - freybearfreakfan@aol.com

question - im still newbie so forgive me, but how do i read routes?

example - KMDW 101453Z 06007KT 10SM FEW018 SCT024 BKN060 22/15 A2998 RMK AO2 SLP144 T02170150

That’s a METAR weather report, not a route.

o lol, tells ya how much i know lol. i just know the GPS systems. if thats a weather report then whats it mean? wow i feel stupid lol , gotta love bein newbie lol

ps thnx for helpin me out understandin this


Under discussion now…

Here’s a metar translator. Just paste the Metar into the text box and it displays it in plain text.


thnx, goin to read it now. thnx to all for helpin me, and lookin forward to chattin with other simmers

Damiross I think that this is the first time you have ever agreed on something that I said. HAHA Just playing with you. :laughing: