Flight Simmers! Check in!

I know we have a lot of flight simmers here because I saw the posts on the various forums about it.

How are my fellow flight simmers using the site? Personally, I think it’s great to have a place to track flights, but mostly getting the real world route is awesome. Since my personal favorite is the F1 ATR (AT72), I’ve been flying some of those routes from CAA and EGF.

Also, flying the Aeroworx B200 (BE20) and PMDG 737NG for some flights here as well.

Still hunting some Piper Meridian (P46T) flights.

Yep…I am one to. I actually run a Virtual Airline. Ozark Virtual.

I’m a simmer too! I belong to Altair VA.

I fly for Delta Virtual on occasion and I’m pretty sure there are several others here who do as well.

Cool! I was beginning to wonder, LOL

I’m in AVA out of O’Hare. I mostly fly the ERJ

Another FS nut checking in. I use FA to suggest routes to flights when I’m on VATSIM ATC, or to see what a good routing would be when I’m flying.

Maybe we should form a FlightAware VA :wink:

Same here!

I also fly for Air Source as well.

I work for my own unofficial commuter airline called North East Express whose hubs are at KLGA, KBOS, and KPHL. They fly Cessna Grand Caravan 208s and beechcraft King Air 350s in my own custom livery.

I want to start it into a virtual airline, but i dont know how.

I use this website so I can find a destination thats suitable for me to fly to ( sometimes i dont know where certain airports are and i have to guess.)
and so i can see what IFR flightplan it has filed.

I’d be interested in a virtual airline, but not one where I must fly on Vatsim or IVAO. My schedule would make it very difficult and I hear to much negative about these online places.

I know they have some where you can fly offline, and they just track your flight somehow, but I don’t know who.

Altair Virtual Airlines will allow you to do just that. We allow online or offline, it’s totally up to you.

Both Air-Source and Delta Virtual let you fly offline or online.

As a simmer and an airline employee, I enjoy having the routing info available. It’s quite surprising the routes some daily flights take that are out of the way of what you would expect. For example, BTA 3008 CVG-EWR is a much more northerly route on a daily basis than I would have thought.

No matter how you look at it, this site is an aviation geek’s wet dream, and it’s only supposed to get better!

Merry Christmas to all to whom it applies, and Happy Holidays to all the rest!!

VATSIM Supervisor checking in…

I am a controller (Washington ARTCC) in real life too.

Fly for Aloha VA:


Yes, I have definitely found FlightAware helpful in adding or adjusting AI flights out of airports that I visit, or overfly. Also, the flight plans from the actual flights are good to recreate.

  • Oh yea, been flying CO, b1900 VPS-TPA alot recently. Only I use KA350 in place of the b1900. Use flightaware to track the actual routes and weather while enroute. If time permits i’ll try and fly with the actual flight. FS9.

My first landing with FS was on a green screen Apple IIe years ago … flying on and off since then … (83?)

just found Flight aware and really enjoy it …

(click image for larger view)

FS-II did all that on just 48K memory! Amazing!

I guess a by-product of falling memory prices is that programmers are no longer very concerned about how compact their software is.