alerts fail

Hi to all , i have configured alerts for registration/tail Boing 777W A6/EPA this was working for few days and sudently stop working since 4/5 days with same registration nummer i receive the same alerts on Fr24, why not by flightware? flightware for me its better because have twitter intregration.

THanks in advanced

I have been experiencing some problems with the flight alerts, however not the same issue as what you are experiencing.

Before I describe my observation, I’ll explain how I setup my flight alerts

  1. Any aircraft from CYOW (Ottawa, ON Canada) flying with a B763
  2. Any aircraft to CYOW flying with a B763
  3. Any aircraft from CYOW flying with a B762
  4. Any aircraft to CYOW flywing with a B762

For all four of the flight alerts, I’ve set it up to receive an e-mail alert whenever there is flight scheduled (i.e. when a flight plan is filed) and when it departs the airport.

**Observation prior to April 6, 2016: **

In my opinion, the flight alerts for the most part worked well except for a minor glitch whenever there was a “last minute change” in aircraft type than what was scheduled.

I will use flights Air Canada 454/459 (round trip flights between YOW and YYZ) as examples - these two flights are normally scheduled to get either an E190 or A319/A320. However on March 21, these two flights were converted to a Boeing 767-300. I received the first flight alerts from the two respective flights stating that a B763 has been assigned when the flight plan was filed. But when I received the second flight alerts (the “departed” alert) when the two respective flights took off, it incorrectly stated the aircraft type as an A319. Simply put, the first e-mail alert said it was a B763 (when filed a flight plan), but the second e-mail alert said A319 (flight departed).

The web site also incorrectly stated the aircraft type … /CYYZ/CYOW … /CYOW/CYYZ

I went to Flightradar24 to check what was aircraft registration that did ACA454/459 (as Flightaware users do not have access to the registration unless you are an Enterprise Account). Flightradar24 confirmed that the registration was “C-GDUZ”, a Boeing 767-300 doing the two flights.

I then went back to Flightaware and typed in the aircraft registration C-GDUZ that did ACA454/ACA459, and it too incorrect states the aircraft type as an Airbus A319, despite it being a Boeing 767-300 … /CYYZ/CYOW … /CYOW/CYYZ

This type of glitch has occurred from time-to-time and I have already contact Flightaware about this (request #78274), but I’m not sure whether or not there was a resolution to the glitch.

Aside from the minor glitch that I have described, I believe that the flight alerts were working properly.

**Observation April 6, 2016 to present date: **

Around the time when this web site announcement was made ( … lights/223), I began noticing flight plan e-mail alerts of a scheduled flight are being sent out exactly 24 hours before departure. Prior to April 6, flight plan e-mail alerts were instead being sent out hour(s) prior to departure on that particular date.

Personally, I would rather have flight plan e-mail alerts sent out hour(s) prior to departure rather than 24 hours before departure to avoid discrepancies. The impression is that the flight plan e-mail alert being sent out 24 hours before departure may not be “the final version” of the flight plan (in terms of aircraft type or routing).

An example would be flight FAB860/FAB861 (First Air), it states that the aircraft scheduled to depart will be a B732 but once the aircraft has departed, it changes to B734. Same goes with ANT511/512 (Air North), it states that the aircraft scheduled to depart will be B732 but once it has departed, it changes to B735. And finally with CJT573 (Cargojet), I have been receiving “false” alerts where I get a flight plan alert and departure alert stating that it’s a B762 when in fact it is a B727-200 doing the flight (I confirm via Flightradar24 through aircraft registration).

I’m not sure what is going on with the flight alerts since April 6th, but it would be nice the issue that I have been observing be fixed.