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No notifications to iOS or Twitter

I have several alerts set up, most are general, like any flight leaving CYYZ using Antonov equipment. Such a flight departed Toronto this morning but I received no alerts at all. In fact, the only alerts I do get are for very specific flights, e.g. UAE241 to CYYZ using A380 equipment. Perhaps alerts don’t work the way I think they should, or perhaps they’re just not working for me. Any suggestions? Attached is a screenshot of the alerts I have set up. Thanks!


I have not had any alerts since Thursday. I better not be charged for the last few days. :slight_smile: I expect it will be fixed soon.

Yes, very frustrating. No or minimal alerts since 1/6.

Most of your alerts won’t work as configured since alerts don’t support wildcarding without an Enterprise account. Your Antonov alerts won’t work since almost no Antonov flights use the ANTN aircraft code. I’ve asked the alerts team to look into your Emirates alert.

If you’re interested in becoming an Enterprise subscriber, you can sign up online and then contact customer service to have wildcarded alerts set up for you.

As an ADSB feed provider, my account is an enterprise one, and all the alerts were setup after the enterprise account became active.

My alerts have started working again today, so thank you very much.
Appreciate the work you all do.

Yesterday I had 24 alerts setup. Today, 6. Why were 18 of my alerts deleted? And by who?

They were removed by the dev team since they were not valid/would never actually trigger.